Behzad Kharas Designer Profile
Behzad Kharas is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Behzad Kharas

raduating as a promising student from Rizvi College of Architecture in the year 2002, Behzad N Kharas began his career in the field of signage. After integrating the nuances of signage he went to Pronith Nath and Associates to inculcate his refined sense of style of design and concept development. In May 2004 he was bestowed with an opportunity to work with the visionary architect Hafeez Contractor. This was short-lived as he had to leave within a few weeks to take care of a family crisis. The next few months of his life were spent in shouldering the responsibility of taking care of his father and supporting his mother. Though in these stressful times he had to face several months of unemployment his never-say-die attitude waded him through the rough tide. The year of 2005 saw the birth of ThinkBNK. With the first project of designing a villa for a family friend to getting office space to function (from a school friend), the projects of ThinkBNK gradually unfolded one by one. Though projects were progressively increasing, with some projects not seeing the light of the day, ThinkBNK went through a rough patch. This was also a time that he fell in love and got married. With a bank loan to pay, times were tough ahead. His wife has been a strong pillar of support right from the very beginning. Behzad N Kharas’s perseverant nature and resolute attitude took him to Mumbai where he started off with a transformed vitality with two staff members in tow. From here on there was no looking back. The secret of Behzad Kharas’s success is the value he places on honesty, integrity, perseverance and passion for the work he undertakes. These values are in turn infused to the team that he mentors resulting into an excellent outcome. The will to deliver positive growth, rides over all the rough times that are faced by the company.

Square Warehouse Lounge Bar
Ahuja Tower Residence
Gunjay Villa Residential House
Luna Nudo Restaurant and Bar
Rathi Villa Residence
Haji Villa Residential House