Sheng-Hao Sun Designer Profile
Sheng-Hao Sun is an award-winning designer with 7 featured award-winning projects.
Sheng-Hao Sun

Space-eight design group, located in Taiwan, provides services of interior design and building appearance design mainly. It wishes to create the eastern cultured design style based on western design concept. The group consists of four members with specialities in Graphic Design, Construction Engineering, Architecture etc. By taking a look at the company’s collection of works, one can clearly see a lot the architectural elements and methods originate from the main designer’s architectural background.

Sheng-Hao Sun
Plastic and Aesthetic Department Medical Space
Elemental Duplication  Residential House
The flowing laminated white space Residential House
The Revolving Axis merges the White Spac Residential House
 Life Travel Residential House
Unique Space devised through Skylight Residential House
A Rough Grey Residential House