Shitesh Agrawal Designer Profile
Shitesh Agrawal is the award-winning designer of the Artisans House Architect's Office & Design Studio.
Shitesh Agrawal

SAaP Limited is a team of young, creative and highly talented professionals headed by Architect Shitesh Agrawal. SAaP was founded in 2002, accordingly the firm has undertaken several prestigious projects, of varying magnitudes and design styles in architecture and interior design. They attempt to be pioneers of bespoke design- from sumptuous homes, multifamily dwellings, townships, urban planning, corporate and commercial architecture. Their work is characterized by an unrivaled combination of detailing, diverse design, cutting edge technology and the exclusivity synonymous with individual-ed tailored projects. Macro and Micro level planning have always been the forces shaping their designs and professional aptitude. They strive to achieve international standards for their projects. The team have meticulous honed skills aided by their ability to recommend appropriate materials and construction methodology to ensure that each of their clients derives value for money and stands to gain from their experience. Their anticipatory concern for environmental implications, profound comprehension of contemporary mutations and enthusiasm for imagining new lifestyles, determination to make this World a better place to live - have accompanied one iconic creation after the other. SAaP is all of the above, but above all are an organization of honesty and sincerely dedicated designers.

Artisans House Architect's Office & Design Studio