Anker Gebr. Schoeller GmbH + Co. KG Designer Profile
Anker Gebr. Schoeller GmbH + Co. KG is the award-winning designer of the FLOORO flat woven airline carpeting.
Anker Gebr. Schoeller GmbH + Co. KG

ANKER was founded in 1854 and is now one of the Europe’s market leaders for textile floor coverings in the contract market. Thanks to collaborations with internationally renowned architects and interior designers, ANKER carpets can be found around the world in countless office buildings, hotels and numerous public buildings – but ANKER carpets are also used in aeroplanes and high-quality premium cars. Besides creativity, ANKER sets benchmarks industry-wide in terms of sustainability, innovation and a responsible approach to natural resources. Founded from Leopold Schoeller as a carpet manufactury, the family-run company is currently in its sixth generation. ANKER employs 330 people, and production is 100% Made in Germany.

FLOORO flat woven airline carpeting