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Frost Creative is the award-winning designer of the Empire Recording Studio - Frost Creative Website.
Frost Creative

There was a time when creative agencies were show-stoppers – producing work that would make people stand back and smile… …These days? Well, big data or always-on is all you hear about. It’s boring. So how about a change? We don’t do fads or finance departments. We create. And we’re damn good at it too… Here’s to the resurgence of beautiful branding. It’s your vision At Frost, your vision won’t get lost in translation. You speak directly to creatives. And creatives only. There’s no fixed style here. Every project starts life as a blank canvas that we paint with ideas to exceed a brief’s expectations. This means you have the power to help shape your brand’s identity, without communication breakdowns – creative design as it should be. We don’t care if you’re a global brand or starting up – we just want to develop awesome brands. No intermediaries. No setbacks. Just a hell of a lot of inspiration.

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