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Samia Yousif is the award-winning designer of the Alia silk dress Fashion.
Samia Yousif

Samia Yousif, designer of the modern collection Samia Yousif, was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland and began her journey studying business. Holding a Master’s degree in International Business from an International Business School in London, a Bachelor’s degree in Business with emphasis in Business Management from Webster University in Geneva, and an International Baccalaureate from the International School of Geneva, it's no wonder that Samia decided to go into business for herself. But why fashion? “As a child my mother used to always make dresses for me and I was always around her when she was doing her process,” Samia recounts. “She would take my measurements, I would help cut the patterns and sometimes even choose the fabric. Come high school graduation she wanted to buy me a new dress. But I asked her if she would mind sewing me one. So I drew her the design, we both went to choose the fabric and with her guidance I understood which fabrics went together and which didn’t. For my graduation, I was wearing a dress that I had designed.” Speaking of being part of the MTV EMAs, Samia says “It's more than an honor. But I don’t think I've taken it all in, still. I grew up in the MTV generation. It was a family affair; we never missed a music award show, used to even tape them as we watched. Never had I thought I would be a part of it! It’s just amazing.” And now the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga have Samia Yousif pieces in their closets. A dream indeed.

Samia Yousif
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