Bonaventura Visconti e Leo Bettini Designer Profile
Bonaventura Visconti e Leo Bettini is the award-winning designer of the Maidan Community space.
Bonaventura Visconti e Leo Bettini

We are a young company focused on designing structures that can improve the quality of life of people living in makeshift and refugee camps. We use a bottom up process including all the stakeholders during the design process. We have started a collaboration with IOM, International organization for migration, the UN migration agency who showed interest in the tent and who wants to test it and in case implemented in other camps in mainland Greece. We also started a collaboration with ARUP who helped us through the design process checking our structural drawings and calculations. The first tent will be installed in Ritsona refugee camp and we are working to set up a production that can supply tent all over the world.

Maidan Community space