Oka Yuko Designer Profile
Oka Yuko is the award-winning designer of the Montparnasse Residential.
Oka Yuko

At a very young age, who admired the arts and the visualization of the world of architecture with her father being an artist helped to support and furthermore boost her creativity spirit. Being exposed to art at an early age was a good life experience which led her to pursue a career in architecture and design. She was born and studied abroad in Paris, France and graduated with honors. She has a talent for creative expression and upholding the architectural values. Unmeasurable achievements in life and continuing in her ability to conquer and achieve the perfect high in life of creativity with a purpose. It has been with honor and great opportunity to have worked with many wonderful people from her clients base to the many talented, dedicated collogues and architects without a doubt has been a great privilege in her career.

Oka Yuko
Montparnasse  Residential