yves-marie Geffroy Designer Profile
yves-marie Geffroy is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
yves-marie Geffroy

Graduating from the Poitiers school of Arts in France, Yves-Marie Geffroy established his own studio in 2006 having held the position of Artistic Director for different communications agencies in Paris (Publicis, TBWA, Carré Noir, EuroRSCG…) Whether in art, science, nature or human relationships, he concentrates on ‘that which gives life’, the rhythmic variations. For him design is everything but stagnant esthetics, it exists only as a function of our identity, ever moving, always plural. He varies both projects and techniques: from photography to baroque wallpaper, from writing and realisation of documentaries (‘A Sky in Hell’ 52 mins) and short films to creating brand identity, from supporting visual artists as well as writers and performers. In 2016 he created the range ‘More is Different’ the first installation of which is a bookshelf inspired by the structure of a roof.

yves-marie Geffroy
More Is Different Bookshelf
Puls Agile Furniture