Daria Shmitko Designer Profile
Daria Shmitko is the award-winning designer of the Tactile supports for wayfinding Maps.
Daria Shmitko

Daria Shmitko (born in Saint Petersburg in 1982), currently lives in Milan and works as an information designer at the Milanese branch of the service design agency Attoma. She has been working as a freelance journalist from the age of 15 for the Art and Culture section of Petersburg’s local newspapers. Having achieved her master degree in Journalism, in 2006 she moved to Italy to attend courses in the Art, Music and Performance Department (Dams) at the University of Bologna. Between 2010 and 2014 she studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication at Isia Urbino/Italy, where she graduated with her thesis project about tactile maps for blind and visually impaired people. Since Fall 2016 she has been a doctoral student at the Graduate School of the Arts in Bern.

Tactile supports for wayfinding Maps