Punkt Widzenia Designer Profile
Punkt Widzenia is the award-winning designer of the Guilis Package identity.
Punkt Widzenia

Point of View is a small graphic design studio set up in 2010 in Łódź (Poland) and run by a married couple, Marta and Michał Siciński. It was established out of the desire to show the world from their own point of view and present their approach to graphic design. Studio is focusing on creating simple and legible visual identification for small companies as well as for large enterprises, for publications and packaging. "Our approach to each project is, above all, analytical. We think about any characteristic features, about what we can use, we gather associations and turn them into a project, removing any unnecessary and redundant elements on the way. We like simple and obvious designs, but also those that require some deeper thought - and win the audience’s understanding only after a while, not always at first glance. We draw inspiration from everything we see, hear or feel. There's a lot from history, modernism, culture in the wider sense".

Guilis Package identity