Damir Midzic Designer Profile
Damir Midzic is the award-winning designer of the Lipa Pulp Carbonated beverage.
Damir Midzic

Damir Midzic is a Bachelor of Graphic Design, who graduated at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts in 2001. Having gained years of experience by working on various graphic design projects, Damir creates effective visual communication for small and medium enterprises, as well as cultural and public institutions. Proactively involve with other professionals, such as illustrators and photographers in a bid to deliver quality and complete service in a role of Art Director. Many of the projects are opportunity to help support the crisis affected community and medium / small business within it. People who need help getting on their feet whether it be through branding, advertising or printed pieces. Damir is also occasional guest lecturer and workshop tutor at the Textile Department of University of Bihac.

Damir Midzic
Lipa Pulp Carbonated beverage