Branka Urbanija Designer Profile
Branka Urbanija is the award-winning designer of the Miznica Set of eating plates.
Branka Urbanija

The company In Dekor, being a synoym for esthetics, presents itself with most modern and visually stunning solutions of interior arrangement and decoration. To serve, track and accept challenges, overcome the limitations and create an inspiring, accepting and mostly a compatible living space for each customer individually. The work is mostly dedicated to creating surroundings and setting up the living space in such manner that it becomes as functional and aesthetically attractive as possible and in addition being set up exclusively to user's way of life. In such living space, all personal and spiritual growth is much less disrupted, what also leads to life in prosperity. As an answer to the needs of modern time, a new research branch that connects both design and anthropology has emerged, named Design Anthropology. Using the up-to-date elements of the new branch itself our vision is nourished and when we mix creativity with efficiency there will almost always be success.

Branka Urbanija
Miznica Set of eating plates