Yuguang Kumu-Tong yanan Designer Profile
Yuguang Kumu-Tong yanan is the award-winning designer of the Jianzile  Enzyme Enzyme packaging.
Yuguang Kumu-Tong yanan

As a pioneer on the frontier of design and the top 10 packaging designer in China as well as the originator of Guangzhou innovative industry association, Ya Nan Tong is the founder of brand packaging design from Guangzhou, not only being appointed to the Secretory General of Canton top 10 design organization, China package association design committee the governing unit and Canton package association, but also being a senior commercial art designer as well as a assessor with National vocational skill appraisal, who is attached to the Academy of Fine Arts Jiangxi Normal University as a guest professor. For 19 years he has been concentrating his attention on local Brand image system design and Consultant management, as well as observing the local consumers. By means of doing integrated planning and brand design for more than 200 enterprises on their brand image, consulting and managing the construction and development of brand system for corporations, he is rapidly promoting the enterprise brand influence and sales.

Jianzile  Enzyme Enzyme packaging