Elena Tarabakina Designer Profile
Elena Tarabakina is the award-winning designer of the Leather like Wood Multifunctional containers.
Elena Tarabakina

Graduated in 2016, Elena is a Russian designer based in London. Her final collection of Fashion Artefacts exposes the interaction in between such controversial notions as luxury and refuse. Elena is successful footwear designer with an experience of leather manufacture process. The insight of the industry problem such as an enormous amount of leather waste influenced her collection. She was inspired by the sheer quantity of waste materials in the studio and manufacturing process and through experimentation with leather offcuts has developed a new material, ‘leather like wood’, which can be used in a series of luxury applications from accessories and footwear to interiors. Combined with other non-traditional materials of rubber, plastic and wood, Elena is demonstrating a feeling of desire and splendor that is possible to achieve through processes that are mindful of their environmental impacts.

Leather like Wood Multifunctional containers