Sena Jinen Designer Profile
Sena Jinen is the award-winning designer of the Anqa 60m Motor Yacht.
Sena Jinen

SenaJinen's career was launched as an Interior Designer.After 4 years, of course she graduated from Bahcesehir University Faculty of Architecture, majoring in Interior Architecture & Environmental Design. While completing her degree she worked both in design offices & construction sites.In order to have a broad perspective, she studied on other design fields like furniture design, sustainable design & exhibit design. She furthered her education by following her passion for yachts & completed her masters in yacht design, at Politecnico the Milano. She has worked as a yacht designer in Milan for a while and had a chance to get involved spectacular yacht design projects.She decided to pause her career in order to get some experience onboard.Shortly after she joined Maritime Faculty, she earned her Yacht Captain status. And jumped onboard for some real-life experience!

Sena Jinen
Anqa 60m Motor Yacht