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JiaYi Cai is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
JiaYi Cai

JiaYi Cai is a master of Interior design at Macau University of Science and Technology.The original purpose of industrial design is to improve life and redesign some pain points in daily life. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about creativity on a practical basis. Any design that deviates from the practical principle will lead to metaphysical. But at the same time, "design is to reject mediocrity, otherwise it is reasonable for customers to find the structure directly." I hope to build a team of young designers with a flat management, a group of design mad. While striving to design beliefs, we must first be based on people. Choosing people is the first step. A group of like-minded and like-minded people can collide together. Our strengths and interests are design, provided that our expertise is There are horns and you need to be cautious and not eager to negate.

JiaYi Cai
Lucky Plate Multifunctional Ware
Villages Multifunctional Ware
Music Pen Cap Design