Tommaso Masera Designer Profile
Tommaso Masera is the award-winning designer of the Atto Verticale Mechanical Watch.
Tommaso Masera

From the very beginning he was involved in design projects near the production line. This experience generates curiosity to create and produce ideas. He takes advantages to keep his hands on the pulse of the most recent updates on the manufacturing possibilities, new materials and technological innovations. With this background he opens his own design studio that, after 5 years experience in watch design and production, launches in the market Atto Verticale: the first watch brand of Masera Design. This new adventure is just the last result of his job experience that, together with design service for international brands, develops new ideas on his own. Some of his ideas becomes products for his costumers, others self production prototype or Masera Design products. Some of his works have been featured in international exhibition and published in design magazines.

Tommaso Masera
Atto Verticale Mechanical Watch