Carlos Lozano Designer Profile
Carlos Lozano is the award-winning designer of the Olafur k New material from Arundo Donax.
Carlos Lozano

I want to introduce myself as a intellectually restless responsible and optimistic person. I always find the positive side of things, so I am good solving problems. Professionally I am a serious, perfectionist and a very creative person, with initiative and a good team worker. As you can see in my website, I always keep a fairly clean and sober aesthetic. I received a B.A. in Product Design at ESDi-Ramon Llull University (Barcelona) in 2016 and a B.A. in Labour Relations at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) in 2005. Most recently I concluded a position as an Automotive Technical Administrator for a large firm because I want and I need to work in a more creative environment; however, as my passion for Product Design has always been there, I have dedicated myself to pursuing a professional career in the industry. Some examples are the furniture projects and experimentation in new materials, that you can see on my website. My latest project has won the prestigious A’DESIGN AWARD in Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Category, 2017. Although I have more experience in these Product Design fields, I feel comfortable working on various disciplines like photography or graphic image, as shown in the many emerging photography magazines I’ve been featured. My desire is to design products and materials, not only toward an aesthetic goal, but to create products with the intention to improve people’s lives and the environment. A good example of this goal is my latest project, where I have worked with a harmful vegetable species, transforming the invading plant into positive material for unique design and aiding in the regeneration of our ecosystems.

Carlos Lozano
Olafur k New material from Arundo Donax