Damir Aitov Designer Profile
Damir Aitov is the award-winning designer of the Trapeze Lamp.
Damir Aitov

Damir Aitov worked as architect for 15 years! Over the years he has often wanted to use concrete in facades or interiors. But, unfortunately, the concrete that he imagined in my mind was much more beautiful than in reality. Damir love the open concrete aesthetics, then there is no need to paint it or handle, both with marble or granite, to get a beautiful surface. Like its texture, open pores, complex color, which intersect shades of yellow and green colors. Many people who know about Damir's passion can not always understand him. For most, it is a cold gray concrete material intended exclusively for building purposes, not for decoration. He want to break this stereotype. With its products, he proves it every day. Designers started with small architectural forms and interior items. Now in they lineup of more than 40 articles for various purposes, from small desktop organizers 65/65 mm to large vases height of 800 mm, more than 5 lamps of different sizes and materials. In the near future they want to "tame" metal and "subordinate" themselves rust and learn to use it as an art object

Damir Aitov
Trapeze Lamp