Hajime Tsushima Designer Profile
Hajime Tsushima is the award-winning designer of the LIFE Poster.
Hajime Tsushima

He lays emphasis on work, design education as an associate professor of the Osaka University of Arts junior collegne part. And he works in the representatives of the design office as Art Director. He takes the birch at the university and hold a design lecture for society. As an individual, He belong to Japan graphic designers asociation, and he participates in a peace poster exhibition held in Hiroshima every year. By this peace poster exhibition which participated from 2008, He produced many peaceful posters so far. His representative work isa poster of “PEACE" and “LIFE". "PEACE" won a gold medal in ONE SHOW 2014 and LIFE" won the grand prix by international poster Biennale in China in 2015. I think that his this work gave a shock to people of the world. It is his representative style making works being conscious of new graphic, the graphic which I have not watched. It is with the part of his world peace activity by this peace poster exhibition being the exhibition that can be realized simply because it is being bombed place Hiroshima, and participating in this. Iraise it under the theme of "losing the world with one piece of only poster peacefully". Peace and the environment can be called his everlasting theme. It is a pleasure whether you can change the future by power of the graphic.

Hajime Tsushima
LIFE Poster