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Teong Yan Ni is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Teong Yan Ni

She loves collecting sea-shells, outgoing, love art and craft works since young. Even though, art was her favorite subject in school, this hasn't brought her to university. With a myth thinking in her mind that artist can't survive in her country, she decided to take on Marketing major and graduated in Chartered Institute of Marketing from university. After 15 years of working in the corporate, she decided to have her mid-life career changed. Her passion reunited, and she started as a hobby, as a pearl lovers and therefore she enrolled with few classes such as beading as a beginner step. She went on seriously in building her new career after her designs was supported by friends and family. She took on more in-depth study on pearl and jewelry design. During the courses, she found out that she recapped with her artist's hand and coped with the art coursework very well. She felt so blessed to reunited again with her hidden talent. She is a person who loves nature. She always has some imagination and curiosity when she felt so good about nature, until she wanted to express it into jewelry form. She can get inspire by outdoor environment and her ideas can spikes anytime. She likes to perform irregular shape because this is her. She doesn't like rules, routine work, easily get bored with same task and bounded with a lot of restriction in life. She set-up her own designer studio emphasizing on jewelry designer services and custom-jewelry which she would like as custom jewelry wouldn't have much duplication. She likes creating and testing new design, and as much as challenges coming along, she learn a lot along the way too. She is serving niche market and people whom appreciate her work. From her current role, she enjoyed much everyday and she doesn't feel it is like a job. She has so much energy to feel motivated to work everyday until she got overwhelmed next day. Well, next day is another good day. What inspired her? Oprah Winfrey, Cally Kwong, Wallace Chan, Jimmy Choo and Zang Toi. Her dream is to get recognize internationally someday.

Teong Yan Ni
Blue Daisy Multifunctional Earrings
Blue Daisy Multifunctional Ring
Purple Orchid  Ring
Blue Daisy Multifunctional Pendant