Veronica Jibodh Designer Profile
Veronica Jibodh is the award-winning designer of the Mini Tote Bag.
Veronica Jibodh

VERONICA JIBODH is an entrepreneur. She's always looking for new opportunities, living a dream and trying to pursue it! She was the first owner of Discover Your Beauty, a very chique beautysalon, but she wanted more than just that. Whatever she wants, she's trying to achieve. As for now, she's the owner/founder/designer of POUCHI, a new label for high fashion leather accessories. Besides being a businesswoman, she loves to have fun! She's a real camera addict, enjoys music and loves to socialize with people. She inspires people and motivates them to follow their dreams as she did with POUCHI. She has no fashion background but yet she designed and launched her own brand. Her family and friends are the V.I.P's in her life!

Veronica Jibodh
Mini Tote Bag