Jiankun Sun Designer Profile
Jiankun Sun is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Jiankun Sun

He is an industrial designer,now he is studying in Wuhan University of Technology.He likes to observe life state of people in the use of small objects, and finds the breakthrough point for the design´╝îSometimes just a small change will greatly facilitate People's Daily activities.He just wants to do something interesting and to help others and myself. He thinks that innovation doesn't have to make high-tech products, or the avant-garde design, simple and feasible design easier to implement, sometimes faster to bring convenience to people's life, not all of the technology used to rely on future scientists, they just put forward an innovative idea, as to the possibility of implementation are still unknown.

sanitary faucet  Visualization, sanitary faucet
Petals Multifunctiona drug packaging
Separable Multifunctional Cooker
Grow up Multifunctional crib