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BenjiLock Llc is the award-winning designer of the BenjiLock Fingerprint Padlock.
BenjiLock Llc

Whether you're on the go, heading to work, school or for a quick workout at the gym, storing your personal belongings has never been easier or safer. Introducing BenjiLock, the World's First Traditional Rechargeable Padlock with Fingerprint Technology, which means that not only you can open it with the ease of your fingertips, but also with a set of traditional keys. In less words, a hybrid. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and CES 2017 selected BenjiLock as an Innovation Award Winner in the Smart Home product category. While exhibiting at CES this past month, it opened the doors to showcase not only the product, but the story around the grind and passion of an immigrant Entrepreneur from Dominican Republic which now resides in Los Angeles, CA. Another set of accolades include a 2017 Twice Pick Award Winner, an Edison Award Nominee, MIT 35 Innovators Under 35 nominee and a 2017 Big Innovation Award Winner. The company is now working to launch the product in Q3 and it's building a social following through mediums such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

BenjiLock Llc
BenjiLock Fingerprint Padlock