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Sanjay Newaskar Designs LLP

About SANJAY NEWASKAR Born in 1969 in Pune, Maharashtra, India; Sanjay Newaskar had hobbies like Art & Craft, Sketching and Drawing since his childhood. Hobbies and Interests turned into career; He completed his Diploma in Interior Designing from University of Bombay in the year 1989. While studying Interiors, Sanjay used to work in his own family business of a garment shop, where he came across many people with different tastes and choices. This is what helped him in understanding new people, clients and their requirements and fulfilling their needs through his design. Established his firm in 1990; commitment to high quanlity has positioned Sanjay Newaskar among the leading Interior Designers. The Portfolio boosts over 300 projects encompassing Residential, Healthcare, Commercial, Educational, Leisure and Architectural projects both commercial and residential. The practice diversified its scope and Sanjay Newaskar Firm got converted into a Private Limited company known as ‘’Sanjay Newakarr Design Pvt. Ltd.’’ In the year 2010 In addition to his prestigious career of 25 years as a Designer; Mr. Sanjay Newaskar has been actively participating as a guest lecturer in renowned Interior Designing Institutes and Colleges. He has also been honoured as a Jury member in many Award functions. He loves traveling Worldwide for studying. His work has been mentioned and published in leading Indian Design Magazines. About MANSI NEWASKAR Born in 1977 in Pune, Maharashtra, India; Mansi had hobbies like Sports, Dancing, Cooking, Designing garments, and Painting frames. She completed her graduation from SNDT College, Pune in the year 1998. After completing her graduation, Mansi began her career as an Assistant Interior Designer with Mr. Sanjay Newaskar. Having a good rapport and similar interests of Interior Design; Sanjay and Mansi got married in the year 1999. Beginning the education with Bachelors in Home Science in Family Resource Management and then she continued with extensive study in Interiors. Her expertise and talent are apparent in her myriad designs that match the needs of each client. Mrs. Mansi Newaskar has worked upon and participated in a number of Design presentations. She is good at conceptualising of new projects. Having created a wide spectrum of innovative designs over the coming years, she continues to efficiently complete the journey from concept to creation. Her commiment to bringing quality, creativity and style to her projects has helped to make her firm successful and sought after by clients throughout India. After seventeen years in the Design profession, Mansi is continuously studying and travelling world wide in order to expand her knowledge. About SANJAY NEWASKAR DESIGNS LLP, We believe in minimalist approach allowing function to take precedence over form their design basis lies in strong zoning principles that ensure clear circulation, maximum natural light to the spaces, so as to approach every project with an unique and different design thought. We believe in team work, our team members are all hard working and good in multi tasking. They are always readily available and willing to get the job done in the targeted period.

Sanjay Newaskar Designs LLP
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