Steven van de Rijt Designer Profile
Steven van de Rijt is the award-winning designer of the Couture Du Jour Fashion Sculptures.
Steven van de Rijt

A ambitious designer with a love for sculptural fashion. The story of the collection goes before functionality and wearability. Steven's signature as a designer is complementing the female body with a raw edge by using low-culture elements. Another element of his signature is the high standard of technical details and his fascination with fabric manipulation and volume. Steven doens't just present clothing but he presents looks. He makes his models part of the story by transforming them into characters that are living the story. They are placed into the story, play a part in it and they have to be the story. What is interesting about Steven's design is the new view on the topics of his collections. He likes to romanticize his topics and look for the beauty in the darksides of the stories.

Couture Du Jour Fashion Sculptures