Baran Akalin Designer Profile
Baran Akalin is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Baran Akalin

Baran Akalın is an architect/designer born in Istanbul.He always has passion about cars, boats and water since from his childhood.Like almost any kind of vehicles has engine in it. He even started naming car types before start speaking around age 2 according to car's voices with his unknown language.In the process of growth , the idea of creating a living space outweighed. He studied architecture and started working right away one of the best studio in Istanbul. After 2 years of hard work, he decided upgrade his profession because he was dissatisfied with the construction industry.But did not want to give up creating living space. In 2011 , he started to study at Academy of Art university 'Master of Industrial Design' program in San Francisco , for combine his profession and be qualified for the boat design.With the closure of the boat design classes due to student incompetence, he started searching for other alternatives. His drawing instructor told him secretly that he needs to change his school and go to the Italy to study Yacht Design Master and warned him not to tell anyone because he could fired from the University. In 2012 , Baran Akalın changed his university and started 'Master in Yacht Design' in IED Torino / Italy. After the master, he selected as a intern by one of the best yacht design studio in Venice. After he complete his internship , he returned his homeland and started working as freelance designer for the design companies and boat brands. At the present time he has been actively designing and managing from mass production boats to custom design yacht projects since 2015 in his company and and design partner of Turknonik based in Istanbul. He is also lecturer at Maltepe University ' Yacht Design Section' which is second bachelor Yacht Design program in the world. With these futures he is the talker and yacht design consultant at IDD ( Italian Design Days ). Besides these , he is playing drums last 15 years in many different semi-professional bands and he believes that making music has a very important role in the development of creativity.

Volcat 43 Power Catamaran
Hunters 40 Power Yacht
Escalade Trimonoran Motor Yacht