Saïd Belmir Designer Profile
Saïd Belmir is the award-winning designer of the Double X Table.
Saïd Belmir

Passioned by artistic process as well as the building technics used in architecture, his projects are the result of deep thinking taking in account the singularity of contexts. The architectural one obviously matters (orientation, sizing, building integration…), but sometimes one must also consider historical, social, cultural or religious contexts. All these constraints combined are as many challenges that push him to find creative and original responses in his work. After his graduation, and as he's still eager to learn, Saïd Belmir decided to self-educate himself to become familiar with hi-tech tools, to master the realization of his thoughts, and live architecture in line with his progressive vision. That’s how he became a 3D-Artist recognized by its peers for his ability to create realistic 3D environments, his aesthetic sense, and his attention to detail. Excited by what the 3D-printing could offer in terms of construction, and virtual reality in terms of immersion, Saïd Belmir always strives to keep himself up-to-date about new technologies.

Saïd Belmir
Double X Table