Manss Aval Designer Profile
Manss Aval is the award-winning designer of the Conjugates Art.
Manss Aval

Manss works and resides in San Diego. He concentrates on painting, photography, and sculptures and has a broad set of skills with backgrounds in media, communications and the sciences (including a Ph.D.). His works present a unique amalgamation of arts and science. His latest interactive series originate from mundane objects such as rectangles and spirals. He explores how these nominally inanimate elements, can morph into moving, transforming, three-dimensional constructs. Geometry has always occupied the human mind and dictates the environment we have created. Manss grew up in the West, but is intimately connected with Eastern cultures where centuries of artistic expressions focused on calligraphy and intricate geometric patterns. When ordinary circles can assume dynamic, doughnut-shaped faces and rectangles in perceptually transition to hexagons, octagons… as elements of a twisting, flexible and growing multigonal boundary of abundant complexity and depth, the viewer’s eyes begin a journey to wherever it leads them, often returning to the origin to depart for a different destiny. Beauty in the mundane and complexity in deceiving simplicity. Manss has exhibited in over 90 juried solo and group shows in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Florence, London, Venice, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, the Louvre and Athenaeum Museum. His work is recognized by some 70 awards, including Biancoscuro Art Contest 2016, IPA, International Photography Awards, Donkey Art Prize 3, 2015, Gala Awards, International Fine Art Photography Award, 2013, Pollux Awards, 2015, and ArtBuzz 2014. His work was featured in over 30 publications including Biancoscuro Art Magazine, 2016, Art Quench Magazine, “Contemporary Art of Excellence", 2015", "Internationale Kunst Heute 2015" and “The Art of Creativity”.

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