Fujer Selda Gümüs Designer Profile
Fujer Selda Gümüs is the award-winning designer of the Tazetut Multifunctional Organizer.
Fujer Selda Gümüs

Get inspired from her mother who is an architect, wanted to pursue a career in Industrial Design in 2009. She studied with a merit-based full scholarship. Graduated with honors from Department of Industrial Design, 1st . Moreover, she graduated with the highest score from the Faculty of Architecture and Design from TOBB University of Economics and Technology in 2014. After 1 year some freelance job as an industrial designer, her observer and researcher side encouraged her to Master in industrial Design as well. During her graduate studies she won several industrial design competitions in Turkey 2016, in addition; she started to be interested in lots of topic like art and industrial design history, design and culture, material culture studies.

Fujer Selda Gümüs
Tazetut Multifunctional Organizer