Paul Meeuwsen & Ross Meeuwsen Designer Profile
Paul Meeuwsen & Ross Meeuwsen is the award-winning designer of the Kingdom Sneakers Mens fashion footwear.
Paul Meeuwsen & Ross Meeuwsen

Designed by collectors, for collectors, Kingdom Sneakers is a limited-edition run of luxe sneakers. The first signature Kingdom sneakers in white is the product of a handshake between brothers Paul and Ross Meeuwsen and their close friend Greg Harris. Sadly, prior to the release of the first shoe, Harris lost his life to mental illness, leaving the brothers vowing to continue his entrepreneurial legacy. Hailing from Melbourne, the partners at Kingdom have certainly not compromised on the craft, with each of the limited edition pairs individually numbered and laser engraved. They also feature rare earth magnetized straps, electroplated gold accessories, full-grain premium leather and a luxury cushioned innersole.

Paul Meeuwsen & Ross Meeuwsen
Kingdom Sneakers Mens fashion footwear