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maria blondet

Born to a family of artists, María Blondet cannot deny that she inherited her creativity and love for art from her mother, renowned sculptor, Carmen Blondet. Their affinity is evident in the use of metal, but their work contrast dramatically in scale –her mother makes monumental metal sculptures and María work on delicate pieces of jewelry. One uses corten steel and stainless steel and she use silver and gold. Another source of inspiration has been her grandfather, through his poetry and long after he passed away. If he had only known... A civil engineer with a lifelong passion for music and the arts, he published 12 poetry books exploring the mystery of life. His poems, read in context, relate to various aspects of the universe, of our existence, of the world. But when you single out words or verses, they take on a different meaning for each person, even reminding you of an individual experience or loved one. María want her pieces to have that effect on the people who buys them...who give them...who wear them. That's why some of her jewelry collection is inspired in his poetry and some pieces include his verses in Spanish. Pieces that are full of texture, color and contrast that she gets from her surroundings. Living in a tropical island gives María the opportunity to use all the senses and make them a part of her pieces. Great feelings that are transmitted when you are exposed to her work. Each piece of jewelry is totally handmade by her with great love in her workshop in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she live with her two kids, surrounded by family and the beauty of the tropics.

maria blondet
Diversity Jewellery Collection
Triumph Door Ring