Cangshan Designer Profile
Cangshan is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.

Cangshan was created from a love and passion for good design, what they define as a conversation of balance between forward thinking aesthetics that speak to the design conversations happening in the market now and the foundational, practical function needed by professional creatives. The design orientated company is headed by its founder Henry, who has strong relationships within the manufacturing community and a background in engineering. Henry has always been about quality. He believes in starting with the best and giving the best. This has pushed him to build a young, forward thinking and early adopting creative/administrative team while also leading him to stray away from building tiered models of basically the same product with similar features. Instead Henry focuses on continuing to improve current products and business processes and design new, unique items for the market. Thanks to online marketplaces Cangshan is able to directly engage their customers allowing them to design and build cutlery that provide the functions and aesthetics that are desired today. Collaboration is foundational to Cangshan’s design process so all opinions, ideas and input of value are sought out from the whole team, from warehouse worker to career designer and ultimately user. Everything is listened to, digested and if there is a possibility to create and share value the whole Cangshan team works together to bring life to possibility.

N1 Series Knives
H1 Series Knives
A Series Knives