Nu Infinity Designer Profile
Nu Infinity is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Nu Infinity

Award winning interior design & architecture practice in tropical Malaysia. Purveyor of luxury interior for private clients & property developers. Nu Infinity stemmed from passions and struggles instilled within three completely individual atoms whose dreams are not bound by just inventing and introducing well-rounded designs but also to alter the ego of the design industry. We believe in projecting and receiving vibes to and from our Clients, which would then be turned into bursting energy in our works. Nu Infinity provides an avant-garde approach to the designing process – conceptual approach, practicality, serviceability and visionary. We are driven by the constant urge to engage challenges beyond our logical beliefs with the objective of pushing the comfort zones our society sits in. Being one of the top Malaysian Interior Design firms, we strive to introduce and push our versatility in style and design ideas through competitive pitching for both regional and international projects.

Nu Infinity
Opulent 30 Residential Penthouse
The Naturalist Photographer Home