Fu-Han Tsai Designer Profile
Fu-Han Tsai is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Fu-Han Tsai

Designer Fu-Han Tsai engaged in design for years, devoting himself in interior space design and planning of apartments, office, store, etc. From his experience, he enriches himself and accumulating experiences, equipped with specific and unique designing techniques. These are making him not limited by a distinct form of space style, but using all kinds of material, decorations, colors and configuration to present his mixed-style artwork. He creates a fascinating, unique but simultaneously detailed and harmony displace of diversification. On one hand, the design can meet user's personal tastes; on the other hand, it can show the operation of space from designer: wild but exquisite, careful, and professional.

Fu-Han Tsai
The Touch of Elegancy Residence
A Place For Relaxation Residence