Sophia Schneider-Esleben Designer Profile
Sophia Schneider-Esleben is the award-winning designer of the Treasures Eco Fashion .
Sophia Schneider-Esleben

Sophias eco design has a delicate sense for colors, design, craft, style and smart cuts in neoclassical forms. This composition makes her work unique. She has a huge knowledge about kids fashion holding kids fashion lectures on fairs and universities. The designer is very political about sustainability and uses only eco fabrics, obtain green energy in her studio in Kassel, where she produces her collections in small series and on demand. The eco philosophy of the designer is to consume small and fine! Carry responsibility for what you wear! Her innovative approach means:  Sustainability through high quality, organic fabrics that do not run, and eco colors that do not fade. Nursing ease by material choice. Durable by cogrowing cuts: baby dresses turns to children's tops, the skirts are long and stretchy, the pants are reversed.
Her eco fashion is dreamy, romantic and cheerful, with good proportions, which is portable and timeless, neither old-fashioned nor lifeless.

Treasures Eco Fashion