Olga Yatskaer Designer Profile
Olga Yatskaer is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Olga Yatskaer

Olga Yatskaer is a new name in the Belgian jewelry design. Her first collection was created in 2016. She launched a company called Queensberg, to produce and promote her creations. Formerly a historian, Olga was always passionate about jewellery. She made her first design sketches already in 1990’s. Many years later, her dream to become a jeweler came true. She studied in Arts et Metiers in Brussels, and took private lessons from renowned European masters. The designer aim of Olga is to create pieces that are beautiful, original and wearable, yet affordable for most people. She crafts her pieces to fit everyday wearing and high class outfits alike.

Olga Yatskaer
Eternal Union Pendant
The Hedgetimist Pendant
Lilies of Wavre Jewelry Set
Merging Galaxies Jewelry Collection
Faster Than Light Pendant and Earrings