Corchete Designer Profile
Corchete is the award-winning designer of the Maroma Folding side table.

Since college they had the will of working together combining their academic background in order to create a studio that would offer integral design solutions. With that aim, Corchete was founded in 2014 at their hometown, Aguascalientes, Mexico. Their first professional experiences revealed that design wasn’t regarded as a useful and essential tool in a successful business in their city. That wrong perception of design fuelled their motivation to pursue the recognition of the real value of design. That is why they started their activity designing retail stores, as a way of showing clear and effectively the impact of design. Life has led them to live in Mexico, Spain, Italy and USA, allowing them to discover new perspectives of design, attend some international events and living in other cultures. They try to implement those experiences in their work. In the near future, Corchete’s goal is to focus on the design of products that would solve latent social and lifestyles needs. “Maroma” would be the first result of such a project.

Maroma Folding side table