Patrick Iu Designer Profile
Patrick Iu is the award-winning designer of the Mesh Lampshade.
Patrick Iu

Patrick is a very passionate and ambitious person with an eye for details. Never leaving anything by the chance but instead work with everything with every product down to the last detail. And with the combination of working as a product developer, interaction designer and product designer he knows what is possible and whats not. Also capable to communicate in languages such as swedish, english and cantonese is a very good thing. Patrick is also always eager about his works, wanting everything to be perfect but still works whitin the given time schedule to meet every deadline. He is also a very social person that is easy to both work and talk with, knowing how to speak and explain everything about any product or project to any person who needs to be in touch with it such as: technicians, code writers, designers, manufactures, CEO's, sales persons etc.

Patrick Iu
Mesh Lampshade