Kim Anh Vy Designer Profile
Kim Anh Vy is the award-winning designer of the Pristine Moon Open collar.
Kim Anh Vy

Kim Anh Vy is a person who never stops making art. Her interest when she was at her young age was to create art in everything. Such as cards, handmade jewelry, even decoraion products at home. But now she has grown up. She graduated at the Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts in Jewerly Design major. Her dream now is to put her perspective about women's beauty into every piece of jewelry she makes because she believes that a perfect woman is a perfect soul with joy and also a broken heart. Everything that makes a woman is every rise and fall in her life. She wants to break the stereotype thing that the society has been putting on women like every single one person is trying to nowadays.

Kim Anh Vy
Pristine Moon Open collar