Valery Griaznov and Katerina Semenko Designer Profile
Valery Griaznov and Katerina Semenko is the award-winning designer of the Uslon Life-saving swimwear.
Valery Griaznov and Katerina Semenko

Since childhood, Valery Gryaznov loved reading and invention. For many years he searched for an answer to a question, “Why do all explosives contain a nitro group in the molecules?” In the 70 years he published in academic journals a series of articles devoted to the study of unusual properties nitrogen dioxide. These studies have shown that this compound exhibits the properties of a free radical. One of these articles was submitted for publication by Academician Zel'dovich, one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century. His other passion is linguistics. He developed his own methods of teaching English. In 1991, he became a high school English teacher in Experimental School Lyceum #1 at the University of Kazan. Three years in a row (1999 – 2001), he was a participant and winner of the competition “US-Russia Awards for teachers of English and American Studies”. He led his regular weekly column dedicated to the English language in the republican newspaper "Youth of Tatarstan"(1997 – 2004), and three his books were published. In those years he conducted his radio program on “Radio Kazan”. There is one idea that does not give him no peace for many years - man never has to drown! In this eternal problem has a solution. A person can be saved by his clothes.

Valery Griaznov and Katerina Semenko
Uslon Life-saving swimwear