Dave Coomans and Gaudi Hoedaya Designer Profile
Dave Coomans and Gaudi Hoedaya is the award-winning designer of the Flower Shaper Vase.
Dave Coomans and Gaudi Hoedaya

Gaudi is passionate about design and believes that design can make a difference in creating relevant, effective and authentic solutions. He believes in co-creation and in a cross- and interdisciplinary approach to any given design challenge. Dave Coomans is his partner in Dave is a creative person who is technically gifted and a maker that gets things done. To experiment is his motto. Our curiosity as designer and as maker has driven us to experiment with old material and new production methods. While the possibilities seems endless and we let the magic of experimenting do the work, we maneuver our findings and our thoughts on what design should be and weight decisions pragmatically. That way we hope to bring in the balance between the unknown, the revealed, the imaginative with the functional, the sustainable and the appealing. More than ever designers and makers has to take their share in responsibility to make the world a more sustainable place to live in. It is a challenge we designers are trained for and are capable to deal with. We can not afford not to care.

Flower Shaper Vase