Mikko Designer Profile
Mikko is the award-winning designer of the Style Provocateur secondary cellphone.

He has always been like design industry┬┤s Bear Grylls, if you will. Especially interested in challenging himself to overcome technical and design specific hurdles. He has always been an inventor by his trait as well. Never been inside the industry but alone wolf. To throw himself right into the middle of brainstorming is something that he enjoys a lot. Whether that call comes as a challenge from his clients or as an invitation from his own jet-engine mindset that constantly is sensing weak signals and monitors if there is a spot on the market for some novel invention in some specific area. He is a big fan of science and future technologies. To come up with a new and interesting solution by his own, next proceeding iterations and then finally seeing that idea matured into new, real life invention, gives him the great joy and pleasure of accomplishment. Inventing some better solutions is the ultimate motivation driver. Functionality, user friendliness and hard working attitude, that whole combination wrapped with beautiful design, creates also nice symbiosis with his own clientele under MikonCAD.

Style Provocateur secondary cellphone