Madiha Jamil Designer Profile
Madiha Jamil is the award-winning designer of the La'Hore Characters and enviornments.
Madiha Jamil

Madiha Jamil is a 3D animator/ Modeler from Pakistan currently working as an Lecturer in Dar Al- Hekma Univeristy. She did her Post graduation in Multimedia arts from National College of Arts, Lahore with "Honors" in 2013 and have worked on several 3D projects. She worked on Emmy award winner 3D animated series "Burka Avenger" season 2. Her Masters thesis project "Guddu ki Guddi" (Guddu's Kite) tells the story of a shoe polish boy who endures different obstacles to catch a falling kit. In Pakistan 3D Animation is still in growing stage and providing local entertainment, which people can relate using this new medium with limited resources is an achievement in it self. She participated in several local and international film festivals. This submitted artwork of Madiha shows the 60's culture and style of Pakistan with in the Walled city of Lahore. She thinks that 3D animation is a vast medium through which you can convey a positive message not only to children but to every age group.

Madiha Jamil
La'Hore Characters and enviornments