Ching, Wing Sing Designer Profile
Ching, Wing Sing is the award-winning designer of the Butterfly Fashion Eyewear.
Ching, Wing Sing

“BIG HORN” was created by designer Mr. Kevin Ching in 2011. The symbol of the brand is a Rhino cub with a big horn which carries the spirit of "Bend the Rules". The designs are creatively made to bring the "Rhino Spirit" to everybody, especially to those who dare to dream. BIG HORN has two collections named “Fashion Creative” and “Extravaganza“ which are both great for styling. The brand is recognised by international stylists, celebrities, fashionistas and bloggers. The stylists in Hollywood, Hong Kong and Europe have been so supportive to feature the items in photo shootings, music videos and movies. Also, its design products won different International design awards from different countries, for example ‘A’ Design Award (Italy), and International Design Award (U.S.A.). I want to bring the message to everybody via my brand of BIG HORN that everybody could break any challenges or difficulties if you have a passion to do it. Also, I want to let more people know that creative and innovative is very important for brand or any people. It should be our beautiful life of the world.

Ching, Wing Sing
Butterfly Fashion Eyewear