Mira Kim Designer Profile
Mira Kim is the award-winning designer of the Han sip Korea healthy tea cafe branding.
Mira Kim

Mira Kim wants to design for people and thinks how to use it more easily whenever she designs. Designing more beautifully is important, but she thinks it is the designer's job to make people live better lives. She said that she feels really great about designing for everyone. Nowadays she is very interested in the environment and health. This is because people's lives change as the environment changes and health care also takes a lot of care. She is more concerned with people's lives and design work is moving in that direction. She is interested in product design as well as package design. She is a student at Samsung art and design institute and a major in product design. In the design of products, people's interest is affecting the work environment.

Mira Kim
Han sip Korea healthy tea cafe branding