Danying Yang Designer Profile
Danying Yang is the award-winning designer of the MoodWear Smart Mood Changing Clothing.
Danying Yang

After BA degree in fashion design, I started lecturer experience in 1999 of all fashion relevant courses at Wuhan Textile University in China and devoted to the research of inheritance and development of National Costumes, whilst took the mission as volunteer lecturer of teaching and demonstrating garment technology in Ethiopia from 2002 to 2004. In particular, I took the active role as a fashion designer in many creative activities from practical garment to experimental fashion. With great passion in intelligent leading fashion associated with technological textiles, I completed PhD in 2012 and commenced my early career researcher in creation and exploration of the area between fashion design and smart technology through the medium of textiles at Heriot-Watt University in the UK. I have engaged in the projects of photovoltaic and fiber optic technologies in the world of innovative mood-changing clothing design, and wearable information system for Soldier Health Monitoring garment design.

MoodWear Smart Mood Changing Clothing