Riadh Bouaziz Designer Profile
Riadh Bouaziz is the award-winning designer of the TIMELESS by RKF Innovative Fabric for Original Bathrobes.
Riadh Bouaziz

RKF Luxury Linen is a French Maison with an international reputation. Its history is inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of Riadh Bouaziz, its founder. A philosophy of innovation and elegance to turn Linen into a form of Art. Affordable Couture products quickly allowed RKF to rank among the market leaders for demanding clientele of luxury Spas and Hotels. Nowadays, RKF is an iconic company which allows its customers to go beyond their needs. Value-added advices are not only all-inclusive services. But it’s really part of RKF’s DNA : a corporate culture based on Human values. From Paris to Dubaï, its custom-made know-how, its style and the softness of its products allow RKF to develop all around the world. The company is also connected with the musical and cinematographic industries through some prestigious festivals. For the 2016 yearly campaign, RKFS’s theme is “HoneyMoon in Paris” that will tell a story through different urban landscapes. RKF choose the French singer Aelle as its muse in order to embody the Parisian girl and to express poetry.

TIMELESS by RKF Innovative Fabric for Original Bathrobes