Jot.Jot Joint Stock Company Designer Profile
Jot.Jot Joint Stock Company is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Jot.Jot Joint Stock Company is a venture of two professionals who founded the company with a clear desire to rally the outstanding and the ingenious – ideas and designers. And the result of their endeavours is precisely just that. Circulation of quality interior items for the contemporary design solutions. This expert duo – Jurgis and Juozas – is a fusion of two visionary souls, a combination of entrepreneurship and artistry. Both of them with a decade of experience in unconventional design production, and both well recognized in their respective fields. As production professionals in interior and furniture industries they have a heightened sensation of manufacturing processes which translates into the design items. Brand products feature quality material and perfect finish. The brand name is derived from a word “jot” which as a verb means quickly writing something down and as a noun stands for an amount equal to fraction, particle or hint. Double jot signifies the creativity and assurance in jotting the sketch down by two J’s – Jurgis and Juozas. It also symbolises ideas and values the company endorses: simplicity and exclusiveness, exactness and imagination. This is style and identity. What is yours? Jot it down.

Jot.Jot Joint Stock Company
Grand Mesa Executive Desk
Euclid Table
Circle  of Light Suspension Lamp